Niamh Middleton Q & A - Becoming a Fashion Influencer

Ruffles Bexley are thrilled to have Niamh Middleton repping our fashion items! We spoke to Niamh about her role as an upcoming influencer rising in the world of fashion boutiques. 

Niamh is a student currently studying interior design whilst promoting many boutique brands by posting fabulous pictures on her Instagram.

Q. Niamh, how did you become an influencer? 

A. I was approached by a company after purchasing an item from their store, they asked me to send in a photo for their Instagram. This first photo later led them asking me to model for their website, this was the beginning of many other companies following suit and reaching out to me asking to promote their clothing!

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. My plan is to grow my Instagram following and work with more companies whilst hopefully finding a career associated with interior design.

Q. What is your advice for others thinking of becoming a fashion influencer?

A. Be yourself and do not try to force anything - it will come naturally.

Be organised when promoting brands ensuring you have photos taken and ready in advance of posting and make sure you are not late with your posts.

Q. Lastly, what are your favourite Ruffles Bexley pieces right now?

The Reco dress looks amazing!

Reco Dress, Niamh Middleton

I also love the Bonnie dresses too as they are so figure flattering.

Bonnie Dress, Ruffles Bexley, Niamh Middleton

...and the Bobo tops 😍

Bobo Tops by Ruffles Bexley, Niamh Middleton

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