Ruffles Bexley Gets Behind the ‘Fur Free Britain’ Campaign

The founders of Ruffles Bexley, Nicola and Laura, firmly believe that fur belongs to the animals and are therefore proud to declare their fashion boutique, Ruffles Bexley ‘a fur-free shopping experience’.

They are supporting the #FurFreeBritain campaign in its quest to ban fur imports into Great Britain. The selling of fur is, unfortunately, still rife within the boutique fashion community. Nicola and Laura believe it will just continue unless a stance is taken with fashion boutiques doing their bit to help ban the trade in fur by not stocking items made from fur.

The two Mums from Ruffles Bexley consider that the killing of animals for their fur has no place in today’s modern society and have decided that someone needs to lead the way by not selling fur on their website. 

Nicola, Ruffles Bexley Founder, says: “The selling and wearing of fur has always felt most uncomfortable to me, I love animals and many of the products we had been selling stated they were made from ‘ethical fur’ which, on the face of it, made it seem more acceptable. However,  some of the educational materials we subsequently received proved otherwise. We asked ourselves: What does ‘ethical’ really mean in this circumstance? Is it really ‘ethical’ to take a life simply because you like to be seen wearing real fur? No animal should have to first suffer then be killed for any reason and certainly not just for fashion”

Laura, Co-Founder says: “The UK ban on fur imports needs to happen now. The option to be able to purchase fur needs to be taken away from UK sellers in order to stop the imports. We need to send a message to countries that farming wild animals for their fur is totally immoral.
“Yes, as a seller you will see an impact on your turnover and profits, which we very much did when we made the decision to ban fur from Ruffles Bexley. But we knew we had to be part of the change and we want to encourage those businesses that still sell fur to join this campaign and not put your profits before animals and their suffering.”


Influencer and creator Laura Farr has also joined the ‘Fur-free Britain’ campaign. Through her work she wants to show that faux fur is just as luxurious and beautiful and best of all, no animals had to die for a fashion item.

Nicola and Laura

Founders, Ruffles Bexley


  • More than 100 million animals die for their fur each year, the majority suffering in small battery cages. 

  • The UK banned fur farming as ‘unethical’ in 2000, recognising that keeping wild animals in tiny cages can never be humane. But the UK is now outsourcing fur cruelty overseas, causing suffering to millions of animals. 

  • More than two-thirds of the British public reject this double-standard and support a fur import and sales ban.’

Join Ruffles Bexley in supporting the ban of fur in Great Britain: