Ruffles Bexley Partner with reGAIN app

The team at Ruffles Bexley want to help our environment! We want to minimise our carbon footprint and encourage sustainability within our community.

So, we have partnered up with reGAIN app to prevent your unwanted clothes ending up in landfill. Instead you can pack any unwanted clothes into boxes or bags and take them to a range of drop off points (for free) where they are then recycled and reused rather than sent to landfill, in return we will give you 20% OFF any website purchase.

Here's how you can contribute to 'Recycling Rewarded':

  1. Download the ReGain App

  2. Pack up all of your unwanted clothes into a box or bag (of any brand or company). (Minimum of 10 items.)

  3. Choose your drop off point for collection by going to the reGAIN map on the app.

  4. Receive your Shipping Label or Barcode. 

  5. Once you’ve dropped your parcel off you will be able to unlock your exclusive 20% OFF code within just 30 minutes!

Want to share your recycling achievements? Encourage others by posting your photos and videos of you packing and sending -then tag us on Instagram at @regain_app and @rufflesbexleyclothing

Ruffles Bexley & reGAIN