Slowing down fast fashion. Top Reasons to Pre-order

Ruffles Bexley offers almost 99% of items as pre-order with a manufacturing and delivery time of around 10-14 working days.

It is a simple and sustainable way of buying fashion, but how?

Pre-order is ordering a product before it is produced and we do this for many different reasons.

This is a much better for our environment. So, here are our top reasons why pre-order is a sustainable way of buying fashion:


The normal way of production for boutiques and larger brands usually means overproduction, fashion companies buy in bulk to reduce the cost. The brands usually get ready for the best possible result in sales often by buying hundreds of a certain garment. This generates on average of 30% un-purchased clothing produced and therefore unsold. Some companies burn their remaining clothes or throwaway to end up in landfills every year, which is damaging our environment. They may also have a CONSTANT sale which encourages consumers to not value fashion and the work put in and regularly buy clothes for a one-time use before discarding. Pre-order minimises the risk of brand new garments going to waste and is certainly a better choice for customers. If you are willing to wait you will do better for the environment.

Ruffles Bexley only sources what it sells, never multiple packs with a huge footprint. The small amounts of faulty garments are resold or donated to Regain to go to the British Red Cross.


Ruffles Bexley use on demand production as an indicator. Taking into consideration real customer demand. We post up a picture of an idea for a fashion items sent from our manufacturers and gauge the interest, we then make it available for pre-order if the post receives enough likes and comments. Ensuring we only provide what customers want- this is why we scored 100% positivity rating in a recent customer survey sent to 1000 top subscribers for 'Range of products'.


The majority of customers are very happy with Ruffles Bexley prices and we are sometimes at risk of our items being copied by competitors who advertise on selling sites but the garment will be much less quality with a smaller price tag.

We keep our costs low by offering pre-order, lower transport fees as we bulk purchases for individual items together and we post as soon as they arrive from our manufacturers minimising storage costs.


Pre-order benefits you, the customer. That is because knowing you can't get it right here right now- using next day delivery methods there is a longer waiting time between buying and receiving the product, there is a much less chance of you buying impulsively and feeling regret later, encouraging more mindful conscience buying habits.


Brands and retailers produce clothing on a mass scale and when they over produce there is sometimes a cost cutting exercise somewhere in between the sample phase and the final product when it arrives in 100 pieces in multiple sizes.

Most household fast fashion names are under pressure to create things quickly and cheaply. It is an ethical issue often involving slave labour. Pre-order garment sourcing is different and often retains quality and good pricing.

So next time you shop, do it in advance. Pre-order. Let's slow down fast fashion.